Structure Options
Single Life Plans
Insure one individual life.

Joint Life Plans
Are used when there is one need for several individuals. This is often a cost-effective way to provide coverage. Several structures are available.

  1. Joint First-to-die
  2. Joint Last-to-die
Joint First-To-Die are paid out on the death of the first individual insured. A good fit for this type of insurance is Family Protection. A couple would insure to take care of each other and the children should one of them die.
Joint Last-To-Die is a cost-effective way to meet the needs in Estate Conservation. Most individuals arrange their affairs in a manner such that they delay the payment of any taxes until the second spouse's death. This plan would pay a death benefit on the second insured's death, thereby creating the necessary dollars to pay the taxes exactly when needed.

Multi Life Plans
Can cover several lives usually to a maximum of 5 lives. These plans can be used to insure a family or business needs. Multiple life plans allow for a life to be added, dropped or substituted. A life insured may also be able to convert their insurance amount to a separate policy.

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